Milly Frances MA - Glass and Sculpture

The main difficulty I had in constructing this website was the two very different artistic journeys I seem to be taking. Although not in total opposition - some of my sculptural work includes glass - the outcomes are remarkably unrelated.

The sculpture section is the most recent addition to my practice. It is concerned with the domestic, and aims to challenge the power structures that underpin Western society. Hopefully my slightly skewed take on the world retains a sense of humour - without it I would be lost.

In contrast my architectural stained glass work has an eleven-year history. It is almost exclusively decorative, currently focusing on the interplay of light and colour on textured surfaces. I often use nuts, bolts and wire in the construction of my windows as a way of maximizing light and space.

I hope you enjoy looking at both aspects of my work and feel able to contact me should you wish to know more.